How to Increase Your Instagram Followers
How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

How to Increase your Instagram Followers: Instagram and other social media platforms have become great platforms for building your virtual identity and marketing your brand and products. The craze has risen to a level, where every 3 out of 5 people become want to become influencers.

And why not? the experience & exposure you get in front of the camera is unmatched. The importance of social media, in gaining likes & followers can not be overstated. We all know that unless you are already renowned, gaining a large following on Instagram requires both smart and hard work.


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It’s especially challenging for small businesses and new influencers. So, if you’re wondering how to get started, we’ve compiled a list of tried-and-tested methods for increasing Instagram followers.

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2024 with Top 9 Features

  1. Optimize your Instagram Account.
  2. Plan your Content & Post Consistency.
  3. Content is your Key.
  4. Use Relevant Hashtags & Keywords In Your Captions.
  5. Cross-promote your Instagram Handle On Other Channels.
  6. Understand Your Analytics.
  7. Engage With The Audience And Fellow Content Creators
  8. Avoid Fake Instagram Followers.
  9. Use Instagram Live

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1. Optimize your Instagram account

Your Instagram bio, profile picture & link should clearly communicate to the audience about who you are & what you do. This gives a clear message on why the readers should follow you.

2. Plan Your Content & Post Consistency

Creating content and delivering value is what will grow your audience. Consistency is key to maintaining them. It’s critical to establish a rhythm that allows you to capitalize on trends. Not to mention that it will help you cultivate a community that expects specific posts from you at specific times. That’s why maintaining a consistent publishing schedule is critical. Remember to post at a time when your audience is most active.

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3. Content is Your Key

Make sure to provide content that’s the right fit for what your audience wants. Humanizing your brand, and presenting a story that your audience can relate to or valuable information they can benefit from would encourage them to organically reach & follow you. It also helps build trust & gain the confidence of your viewers.

You can use the various features in stories like polls, and questions to interact with the audience. Don’t clutter your feed with irrelevant or unattractive posts. Invest in high-quality images, engaging descriptions, and stories that enlighten, entertain, or inspire. Remember that people follow for value, not frequency.

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4. Use Relevant Hashtags & Keywords In Your Captions

Using hashtags strategically might be another effective approach to gaining Instagram followers organically with less effort. You can even make hashtags specific to your brand. You can even create your own branded hashtags. Along with this if the algorithm of Instagram in 2024 is to be studied, using the target keywords in your caption can be a game changer.

5. Cross-promote your Instagram Handle On Other Channels

Cross-promoting involves posting similar content across various social media channels. It’s a tactic used to save time and resources. It’s also effective at increasing online brand awareness. Whether it’s a short video or a comprehensive guide, testing your Instagram content on other platforms might help it reach a larger audience.

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For example, if one of your TikTok videos goes viral, try sharing it (or a similar concept) on Instagram to gain more followers.

6. Understand Your Analytics

Checking your Instagram Insights on a regular basis is essential for determining what is and is not working for you. You may discover that your audience responds better to interesting Reels, whereas informative pieces work well as carousels. Discovering trends informs your content development plan to receive the highest return on investment from Instagram.

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7. Engage With The Audience And Fellow Content Creators

Responding to comments on your post or sharing it with those who you feel with benefit from your content is the best way to get a worthy audience for your page. Collaborating with other industry professionals through influencer marketing or partnerships with small businesses benefits both sides because it introduces them to a new audience.

8. Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

We know many people make this mistake in an urge to just see those numbers but don’t. There’s a significant difference between fake and real Instagram followers. We get it too. It may be tempting to buy followers in order to accelerate your growth.

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However, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages 100 percent. Why? Because of bogus Instagram followers. Confuse your potential organic followers. A dormant, low-engagement account with a sizable following is suspect. This may deter admirers who would otherwise follow and engage with you.

Provide no monetary value to your company. Think about it. Your bot followers can’t buy your things, right?

  • How many of your 10,000 false followers will actually engage with your posts?

Real people may share, like, comment, and interact with your Instagram posts.

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9. Use Instagram Live

Instagram allows you to broadcast live videos to your followers. It functions similarly to a Reel or Story but is recorded live and has additional interactive features that allow you to engage directly with the viewers. It might be the least used feature but is highly effective in connecting with your audience.

So are you ready to grow your Instagram by increasing your Followers?

All we can conclude is by saying that maintaining Instagram growth requires regularly publishing high-quality content and staying on top of your social media strategy. Experiment with your content, keeps improving, and stay authentic.

Remember, it’s about making genuine connections, not chasing numbers. So, invest your passion in your content, participate authentically, and watch your tribe grow!

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