How to lock outgoing
How to lock outgoing calls

Dial locker is a unique app that is related to our recommended list. It serves you security features on the dial-pad. Prevent your dial pad to call anyone without permission. Consider it to give you features absolutely free. Instead during Activities lots of ads pop up on the screen. I think it disturbs you.

In this case, you can purchase from the Google Play Store. As we know that anybody makes a call from your self phone. This isn’t generally true for you, it passes on you negatively. How to block outgoing calls by the help dial locker app?

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How you can save to being a call on the phone. Now in this post going to talk about the dial locker app that helps to lock your dial pad. And this is the best practically android app. This app is a similar app but Because for some reason or is completely different from another. If you want to use this app then keep reading till the end. let’s have start from the beginning.

It requires some permission to access: dial locker to access the notification

It has a basic feature that helps to lock the dialler pad.

  • Lock the app by using this app.
  • You can also change their lock password when you want.
  • Found some essential tools like a basic lock, timer lock, excluded number, settings. What else is the use?
  • Set passwords on protection.
  • Also, alert messages.
  • Taskbar notification
  • Fast code
  • Unlock code
  • Three minutes unlock code.
  • One call unlocks the code.
  • Interface language

How to lock outgoing calls by secret code in the dial locker app?

  1. look here when you open the dial locker app.
  2. Go in the settings options.
  3. Set lock according to you.
  4. Enjoy the dial locker app.

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