WhatsApp Five Features soon
WhatsApp Five Features soon

WhatsApp, the Meta-owned instant messaging application, known for its mind-boggling features and user-friendly interface, is up with a handful of new updates that could be tossed at the users by this year 2024. WhatsApp, since has been developed and introduced to users, never embraced a failure at enhancing its UI and other dynamics.

Be it about privacy or any other concerned factors, WhatsApp always incorporates consumer satisfaction. Similarly, as with all the previous updates from WhatsApp, plenty are reported to be rolling out this year as well. A few of the many coming features are still under development whereas some are reported to be coming in the future but there are no rigid claims yet.


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With all the updates and features that could possibly be unveiled in 2024, WhatsApp can potentially knock the market down for many other interactive platforms. Below is a curated list to help get a better understanding of all that WhatsApp has to offer this year.

List of Five Upcoming WhatsApp Features

  1. Nearby Share
  2. Entertainment During Video/Audio Calls
  3. End-to-end encryption displayed on the Bottom
  4. Customized Theme
  5. Business Verification from Meta

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1. Nearby Share

Nearby Share is one such feature of WhatsApp that permits users to transfer moderate to heavy files in a blink. Through this feature, one can share files, as light as a selfie or as heavy as a movie, without much hassle.

All you need to do is enable Nearby Share on your and your friend’s device at the same time, select the file to be shared, and proceed. Voila! There you go! Exciting, right? It will be that simple to share such heavy files on WhatsApp now.

Note: The update is stated to be rolling out already for the Beta users of WhatsApp.

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2. Entertainment During Video/Audio Calls on WhatsApp

Yes, you read it right. WhatsApp is reported to be developing one such feature that will allow the participants on a video/audio call to play music, videos, movies, etc simultaneously while having the call. So, that means, no more worries about what to talk about or how to keep the call going without getting bored.

You can toss away the momentary silences so effortlessly. All you have to do is start a video call with friends and play the preferred videos from the gallery find music or even have a movie night on a call without hustling to figure out the right platform. So what are you watching first?

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3. End-to-end encryption displayed on the Bottom

Though End-to-End Encryption has always been a thing on WhatsApp, you must have also noticed it being displayed on the bottom when you tap on a person’s profile. The update is that the display of a chat being End-to-End Encrypted will be more evident as it is reported to be appearing under the name of the person over the chat.

Hence, the significant display would not be a failure to ensure more privacy and security for the WhatsApp users. Which means a stress-free exchange of thoughts without being concerned for privacy.

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4. Customized Theme

The above feature is one amongst many that will allow users to add a customized theme over a chat. You can select between five prominent colors including; green, blue, white, pink, and purple, and customize your theme accordingly.

Though we were always able to switch our wallpapers in order to change the display of the background in our chats, here the best part is that by switching our theme on WhatsApp, we can change the entire interface in a go. So, no more having to choose between the regular light or dark themes.

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5. Business Verification from Meta

As per the rumors, this could be a big one for all the businesses since it has been recorded that, soon the businesses will be Meta verified on WhatsApp. Which means reduced scams and fraudulent.

This could be one of the greatest initiatives from WhatsApp and a great update only if it’s not paid. The genuine verifications of reliable businesses would make a great deal at building users’ faith in the network as well as in the registered traders.


WhatsApp is up with a ton of new updates and features for the users. Many are still airing in rumors with no official claims and confirmations whereas, many are already in use by Beta users.

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In the vast list of the upcoming features of WhatsApp, it is also stated that soon, users will be able to add a video on the profile display unlike now.  Also, one can share their status on Instagram as well, unlike present, since as of now, one can only share their current status on Facebook.

Do write to us stating how excited you are about the coming features of WhatsApp in 2024. Share your thoughts and views on the same. And let us know if we missed out on something.

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