WhatsApp rollout Chat Filters Feature

WhatsApp rollout of the new Chat Filters feature to keep your messages organized. Users can filter their conversations and find the most important chats and messages quickly without scrolling through the entire chat list. This feature has three chat filter options and works like Google’s Gmail.

Today I am explaining WhatsApp’s new ability to Filter chat. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the meta-owned messaging app chat filter feature.


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WhatsApp Chat Filter Feature

By using the new chat filter feature users can find the right conversation quickly and seamlessly and get their messages fast without having to scroll through their full inbox. Users can use the new chat filters feature to find unread messages and groups quickly. They can select any filter between three filters that will appear at the top of the Chat list. These three filters All, Unread, and Group can be selected with just one tap.

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  1. All: This option defaults to view all your messages in your chat list.
  2. Unread: When you select the Unread option it will show messages that you haven’t opened yet or marked by you as unread.
  3. Groups: When you select the Group option, all your group chats will be organized in one place making it easier for users to find your favorite ones. It will also show group chats and subgroups of Communities.

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The new Chat Filters Feature is very handy for those users who struggling to reply to unread messages from multiple contacts. The new chat filters feature is rolling out for WhatsApp users for Android and iOS. Previously, it was available on the Android beta version

The meta-owned messaging app has also a search feature that allows users to search a chat by date filter. Users can select a date and skip to all messages sent from that date onwards using the filter within the chats.

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