Play Pubg Mobile Offline
Play Pubg Mobile Offline

You must be playing PUBG mobile game. PUBG is one of the most popular online mobile battle game. PUBG Mobile is an online playing game, you can play this game with internet connection. You must be thinking that can we play the PUBG Mobile game offline. Today I am explaining to you about play PUBG mobile game offline or not. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Recently some videos went viral on YouTube about PUBG Mobile game. In these Videos, people claimed that you can play PUBG games offline on your phone. Basically, in these videos, people explain a trick to play offline PUBG game. People put their phones on airplane mode or turn off the data and Wi-Fi and play the PUBG game offline.


This is the trick to play offline PUBG games on your phone.

  • Make sure your PUBG Mobile game has up to date. If your PUBG Mobile game is not updated. First of all, update your PUBG game.
  • Turn off your phone data or Wi-Fi connection then open your dial pad and enter the code ##4636#*#.
  • It will open a page where you will find the three option phone information1, Phone infromation2, and Wi-Fi information.
  • Click on the Phone information1 and turn on the Mobile Radio Power option.
  • Click on the more option. When you click on the more option you will find Enable data connection option then click on it.
  • Now open the PUBG Mobile game and Play PUBG Mobile game offline on your phone.

When you turn on the Mobile Radio Power turns your mobile data internet while your phone is on airplane mode. It will show that your phone is on airplane mode but your internet data is on. When you play the PUBG it seems you are playing offline PUBG Mobile Game. But actually you are playing the PUBG with the internet. In simple words, you cannot play the PUBG Mobile game offline.

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