WhatsApp Username validation AI Support Features
WhatsApp Username validation AI Support Features

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular instant messaging applications of all time by constantly updating its features. WhatsApp is set to release two new features username validation and AI Support that will make use of artificial intelligence (AI) to respond to users’ queries.

The same feature will be available to get lightning-speed responses from customer support without considering the business hours once the feature is rolled out for the stable version of WhatsApp. Moving forward in the article, we will discuss all the details related to the WhatsApp AI-based feature that is on the way.


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WhatsApp AI support feature details

A report published by WABetaInfo suggested that the Meta-owned instant messaging platform is testing an AI-powered feature that will offer smart suggestions to users who want customer support from the platform.

An image shared in the report said that Messages from WhatsApp Support may be generated by AI using a secure technology from Meta, which means that when there is a situation where there is no human support, the artificial intelligence (AI) model will still work to provide timely assistance.

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We can also say that the AI support will offer prompts to help with all user-related queries. On the other hand, users will also be able to choose if they want human support instead of AI responses (if the same are failing to meet their expectations in terms of resolution). This can be done by simply responding to the AI-generated message asking for more help in the situation.

What’s more is that the WhatsApp AI Support feature will also let the users get instant answers to the questions they ask from customer support, irrespective of WhatsApp’s business hours.

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Along with that, the new feature will enhance the efficiency of customer support interactions with AI in the backend that promises quick responses to common questions, which will save the user time.

The automated reply feature is, as of now, under development, and chances are that it will be released for the stable version by the second half of 2024.

WhatsApp username validation feature

Another feature that has been the talk of the town is Username Validation. It lets the users develop and use unique usernames for identification on the platform. The new feature will work on improving user privacy on the platform along with minimizing the sharing of personal mobile numbers.

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Once you enter the username you want, WhatsApp will start a validation process to make sure it is one-of-a-kind and complies with particular criteria like allowing alphanumeric characters (a-z to 0-9). The release date of the feature has not been revealed until now. However, we can expect to see the feature rolling out for the stable version of WhatsApp by this year.

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