WhatsApp Chat Lock for Linked Devices
WhatsApp Chat Lock for Linked Devices

WhatsApp, an application known for its instant message transmission facility, is having an update under development. The Meta-owned app is to be launching a chat lock feature, which will allow the users to keep their chats locked and safe under all linked devices.

The feature will expectedly be released for the users in an upcoming build via Google Play Store, stated the WABetaInfo. WhatsApp can very often be seen putting forth some immaculate updates for the users in order to facilitate better usage and experience. This new chat lock feature across linked devices could be another one.


The feature would permit WhatsApp users to set a lock over a chat on one device, their cell phone for a say, and the other devices linked, their PC for a say, will automatically be set to put the chat under lock.

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WhatsApp Chat Lock for Feature for Linked Devices

As per the reports, since the feature is still under development, it won’t be rolled out for the testers. Moreover, as per the pasted screengrab in the report, it was stated that once the user sets a lock over a chat on their immediate appliance, the chat will automatically be put under lock on all the linked devices.

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The screen of the linked device will quote a text instructing “We also locked this chat on your linked device. Use your secret code to open.” An application that never fails to raise the bar high when it comes to uplifting consumer satisfaction, WhatsApp has raised the expectations of its users by airing this all-new Chat Lock feature to be coming on the cards.

From offering high-end privacy to promising security, WhatsApp is leveling up each day with its updates and features that are potentially helping the application gain much of users’ trust and reliability.

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The Meta-owned app, known for its experiments and required updates, will soon be rolling out the all-new lock feature for linked devices. The update is not expected to make a failure in easing the usage of the app and boosting privacy and security. Let us know your thoughts and views on the same.

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