How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp
How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature to send HD photos. Users can now send HD photos on iOS. Users can share photos with better quality by preserving their dimensions while sending images. They can manage the photo quality while sharing images to chat and preserve their resolution.

Today I am explaining to you about WhatsApp’s new ability to share HD images. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new ability to send images in HD quality by preserving their resolution.

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WhatsApp new Send HD photos feature for iOS

WhatsApp new ability to share HD photos has been discovered on the iOS beta version and Android beta version Users will see a new option that allows them to manage the photo quality before sending. They can choose a better quality when sending the photos. But the option to manage quality only appears when they select a large-size photo.

The new HD photos sharing feature doesn’t allow users to send photos in their original quality because this feature preserves image dimension but it compresses the image little. Users have to select the HD option every time when they send a new photo with improved quality. By default, the Standard quality option is set for any photo so users have to choose in which quality they want to send the image Standard or HD.

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A new tag is automatically added to the message bubble, marked as a high-quality photo when you choose the high-quality option to send a photo. The new send photo in HD quality is only available when you send the photos to your chat. It is not available when sharing photos by using status updates.

The new send HD photos feature is rolling out for some Android and iOS beta testers. But WhatsApp will soon roll out the new ability to send HD photos for all users on Android and iOS.

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