God of War Ragnarok Pre-book
God of War Ragnarok Pre-book

This year has got so much more that you just cannot miss. After so many headlines about the chaos in the gaming market, here’s some good news!

‘God of War Ragnarok’, one of the most awaited games is set to get released. It’s an update and a new sequel that’s coming this year on PlayStation. However, there’s also good news that it’s available for pre-orders. It’s available for PS5 and PS4.


In the US and UK, both physical and digital versions of God of War Ragnarok are available. We get a glimpse at Kratos and his grown-up son Atreus in a new cinematic trailer for God of War Ragnarok. As the trailer ends, a release date for November 9, 2022. In order to get one, you’ll need to act quickly, as this pre-order unit will likely sell out fast, especially the limited physical special editions.

Getting your orders in now will help you avoid disappointment, as you’ll receive some bonus armor and in-game cosmetics when you pre-order from participating retailers. Again, it’s worth noting that, from 15th July, you can pre-order the game. Of course, it’s August going on so you can pre-book God of War Ragnarok now or whenever you want.

Editions of God of War Ragnarok Pre-book Release date – November

In total, four editions are present in the sequel. Those are –

  • God of Ragnarok: Standard edition – gives a physical or digital copy for your PlayStation.
  • God of Ragnarok: Digital Deluxe Edition – In this, you’ll get a digital copy. Also, digital goodies will be involved in it. Atreus Darkdale Attire, KratosDarkdaleArmor, Darkdale Blades Handles for the Blades of Chaos, and Darkdale Axe Grip for the Leviathan Axe is all digital goodies consumers will receive along with the full game. However, some of them will unlock as the story progresses. In addition to the digital mini artbook, customers will also receive the official Dark Horse Avatar Set. Digital Deluxe Edition includes a digital soundtrack for God of War Ragnarok and a theme for PlayStation 4.
  • God of Ragnarok: Collector’s Edition – With the extravagant “Knowledge Keeper’s Shrine” box, the Collector’s Edition – is sure to please fans. As part of the box are Steelbook display cases, 2-inch Vanir Twins made of wood, Dwarven Dice set, and a 16-inch replica of Thor’s Mjolnir. The Digital Deluxe Edition also includes all the digital items. However, the Collector’s Edition will come with a printed voucher code that can be redeemed on the PlayStation store instead of a disc to keep inside the steel bookcase.
  • God of Ragnarok: Jotnar Edition – An 18-inch replica of Mjolnir and a steel bookcase are included in this box as well as carvings of the Vanir Twins. The Digital Deluxe Edition also includes all cosmetics and digital goodies. There’s also a Yggdrasil cloth map, a 7-inch vinyl record of Bear McCreary’s two soundtracks, a Wolf-pin set, Bear, the Falcon, and much more.


Both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will release the new God of War game on the same day, November 9. Pre-orders of God of War Ragnarok can be placed starting July 15 on the PlayStation console. Pre-order bonuses include Kratos Risen Snow Armor and Atreus Risen Snow Tunic, available exclusively at Santa Monica Studio.

The special edition models are currently available in two different versions. It comes in three editions: the Collector’s Edition, the Jotnar Edition, and the Collector’s Edition. Right now, all of these, as well as the standard edition, can be pre-ordered from the Xbox Live store.

In the coming months, the company plans to release more information about God of Ragnarok. Stay tuned and let us know your views about it.

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