3 WhatsApp important features
3 WhatsApp important features

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using WhatsApp to stay connected with your Friends, Colleagues, and Others. You must be chatting with your friends. Chatting with friends is really very interesting and fun. WhatsApp always rollout the many important features on the app to enhance your user experience.

WhatsApp has so many important features already. But the 3 most important features in WhatsApp you should know about this. Today I am explaining to you about the 3 WhatsApp important features. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Here are the full details about 3 WhatsApp important features.

The 3 important features of WhatsApp help you to keep a track of the important messages of your chat, delete the larger file which is more than 5 MB, and read the WhatsApp Web messages without open your WhatsApp chat.

Track of your Important Messages

You must be getting a lot of messages on WhatsApp. Obviously, not all the messages are important for you. When you need the important messages then it will take too much time to find a large number of your received messages. WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to mark your important messages with the Star mark.

You have to simply hold on to the messages which you want to mark then tap on the tap top on the screen. Your important messages are now marked with the star. To view your important mark message you have to tap on the three dots and go to the view contact option. You will find the starred messages option. tap on that option then you will find all your marked messages.

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Delete a large file of WhatsApp

This is the second important feature of the 3 WhatsApp important features. A large file of WhatsApp fills up your phone storage. This feature helps you to delete your file which takes more space. You have to go to your WhatsApp settings then tap on the Data and storage usage.  After this tap on the storage usage option where you will find you chat according to more storage capture.

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Tap on the chat which file you want to delete then you will find how much storage the text message is taking and how much storage the other file taking like photos, videos, stickers, etc. Tap on the free up space then select which items you want to clear then delete the items.

Read WhatsApp Web messages without opening the Chat.

When you receive the messages on WhatsApp Web then don’t open if you want to read without knowing them. You have to place the cursor on the chat but don’t click on it. When you put the cursor over the messages then it will show the pop-up. Now you can read your messages without opening the messages.

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