WhatsApp Chat Lock for Linked Devices

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature Chat Lock that allows users to lock their personal chats. The new lock chat feature adds an additional layer of security to the specific chat to enhance the security of messages and protect privacy. This feature moves the chat and put its own folder that can only be accessed with the device password or biometric like Fingerprint.

The feature automatically hides the contents of the chat in notifications once you lock your specific chat. The new chat lock feature makes your conversation more private. Today I am explaining to you how to lock specific chats on WhatsApp. You have to read this post till the end to know more about how to lock personal chat on WhatsApp.


How to use the WhatsApp chat lock feature

To use the chat lock feature make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp on an Android or iOS device. First of all, update your WhatsApp from Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you don’t have the latest WhatsApp version. Open the WhatsApp and go to the chat that you want to lock.

After this, tap on the individual or group conversation name to access the chat info or group info section. Scroll down the menu and select the Chat Lock option. Enable the Lock this chat with Fingerprint toggle and put your Fingerprint that is set to your device.

A prompt will appear to Confirm that “This Chat is Locked Now“. Tap on the View option to see that your chat is locked in and moved to the Locked Chats inbox.

To access your Locked Chats you have to slowly swipe down from your Primary chat screen. Tap on the Locked Chats and confirm your identity using biometric authentication or enter your device password or PIN. Now you can view and access all your locked chats.



  1. Hi whatsApp . My account has been blocked due to spam issue I think this is a mistake of whatsApp error. Can you please again review my account . and in blocked it as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  2. Whatsapp lock feauture is not available on my whatsapp right now I’m from paksitan and I want to know how its working please guide me accordingly.


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