How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iMessage
How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iMessage

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iMessage: The iPhone’s iMessage service makes messaging super fast and convenient. It even shows when someone is typing or has read your text. But sometimes, you may find your iMessages suddenly your IMessages do not get delivered. Or you stop getting any replies from someone.

Although it might be a network issue if it’s temporary this could also probably mean that the person went into their iPhone settings and tapped the “Block this Caller” button. Shocked! Don’t be! Yes, you might have been blocked by the other side!


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How do you know if you got blocked on iMessage?

Some clear signs point to it. Messages stuck on “Delivered” that stay blue and never turn green are a clear hint. Error messages saying your texts failed are another hint. And if someone’s profile photo disappears from your conversation, that’s a red flag.

In this easy guide, we will cover the top signs to check that show when someone has blocked your number from reaching them through iMessage.

What Does Blocking on iMessage Do?

When someone blocks you on iMessage, it stops your messages, calls, and FaceTime requests from reaching them. You need help to contact them through iMessage or iOS services. They will no longer receive anything you try to send them.

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Signs That Show You’re Blocked

Here are the most common signs that someone has blocked you on iMessage.

  1. Your Messages Stay on “Delivered” and Never Change to “Read”: Normally, sent messages will change from “Delivered” to “Read” once the recipient opens them. If your messages stay stuck on “Delivered,” the other person likely blocked you.
  2. Your Messages Suddenly Appear Green Instead of Blue: Most iMessages show in blue text bubbles. But messages sent as regular texts appear in green bubbles. If your messages abruptly turn from blue to green, you may be blocked.
  3. You Get Alerts Saying Your Messages Failed to Send: If you receive error messages saying your messages couldn’t be sent, it conveys that your contact has been blocked and thus it is stopping the messages from being delivered through iMessage.
  4. The Typing Bubble Disappears Mid-Conversation: You can see someone typing an iMessage reply from their contact photo. If the typing indicator vanishes unexpectedly, they probably blocked you right then.
  5. Your Calls No Longer Go Through: In addition to iMessage, someone can block your phone number and FaceTime. This stops your calls or video chats from connecting with them.
  6. You Can’t View Their Read Receipts or Online Status: Normally you can see “Read” times and when a person was last active on iMessage. If this info disappears, they likely block you or change your settings.
  7. Their Profile Picture is Gone from Your Messages: You see the other person’s profile photo and name in current conversations. If the picture is suddenly missing, leaving only their name, it points to being blocked.

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Why Would Someone Block You?

There are a few reasons why someone may have decided to block you, including:

  • You contacted them too frequently and they felt harassed.
  • You had an argument that ended the friendship.
  • They are in a new relationship and their partner asked them to block exes.
  • They wanted to cut off contact for their wellbeing.
  • It was an accident or technical glitch.

What Should You Do If Blocked on iMessage?

Getting blocked can feel upsetting, especially if it ends a friendship unexpectedly. Here are some tips on what to do next if it happens:

  • Avoid contacting them on social media or other messaging platforms right away. Give them space.
  • Reflect on if there were any ways you may have upset them previously.
  • Know that constantly attempting to message someone rarely changes their mind once blocked.
  • Focus forward on nurturing new connections and friendships in your life.

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Wrap-Up (Summary), These ways you can know who blocked you on iMessage

As frustrating as it is, getting blocked signals that a person has moved on from the friendship. Constantly messaging someone rarely makes them change their mind after blocking you. Instead, use it as a reason to move forward in your own life. Focus that energy on new connections and people who reciprocate support.

While being blocked can hurt, know that the pain will pass in time. And one day, you may even rediscover a friendship with that person, once you’ve both had space to grow independently. For now, stay positive by surrounding yourself with people who make you feel cared about.

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