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Twitter will restart verification or giving Blue Tick from January 22.

Twitter will restart verification or giving Blue Tick from January 22 after the three years of stopping the verification program in November 2017. It will restart verification with a new verification system.

Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging platforms. Twitter will restart its verification program. As you all know that Twitter has stopped the program to verify the users on its platform.

After the stopped this program the Twitter will restart this program from Friday the January 22. Today I am explaining to you about the Twitter restart account verification Tick. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Twitter Re-open the verification Tick program.

Twitter said that the verification tick was being seen as a perception problem by it. It also said that it seemed that it is arbitrary and confusing to many users. Due to this Twitter stopped giving the blue tick in November 2017.

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After three years of stopping this program, Twitter will restart its verification program with a new verification system. Twitter has written on its Help Center that it will verify the notable and active account. The six types of notable accounts will verify but they must be active.

The Six types of notable accounts must be the Government, Companies, brands and non-profit organizations, News Organizations and Journalists, Sports and e-sports, Entertainment, Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals.

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Twitter said that it will also remove the blue tick badge from some accounts. It will remove the verification tick from the inactive or incomplete accounts. It will also remove badges from those accounts which are violated its rules.

To get the blue tick the account must have to be active and complete. The complete account means that those profiles must have either a verified email address or phone number, profile name, or profile image which are ready to get the verified tick.

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To apply for the verification badge you have to go to the account settings page and find the request verification option. Twitter said this process will asking those users who apply for verification to select the category for their verified badge and confirming their identity via links and other supporting materials. It will review by both humans and automatically.

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