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Google Maps new feature now allows you see toll prices in India on Android and iOS

Users are now able to see the Toll Prices on the Google Maps in India. Google Maps now show the toll prices on Android and iOS.

A popular navigation app used worldwide, Google Maps is often updated with a variety of useful and informative new features in order to make it even better. The new feature that Google Maps is rolling out was first announced back in April this year.

It stated that the feature that shows the toll price directly on the maps will get accessed on both Android and iOS. This feature is introduced by Google at certain countries that also includes India.

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Know toll prices directly on Google maps

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If there are any toll booths on the specific route that you’re going to, the Google Maps new feature of estimating the toll pass prices will show-up and display the prices right on the screen at the location of toll booths. On the maps forum, there’s an announcement about this feature particularly made by Google officially to let people know about their recent update.

How will it work?

Even before you start your journey, Google maps will already reveal the toll prices right on the maps beforehand.

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Are those rates shown on the Google maps legitimate?

Well, you can 100% trust on the rates that are shown on Google maps as it confirms that the sources of these rates are none other than the local toll authorities. Along with this, there are certain factors as well that are rumored about.

It says that the feature will let you know whether to pay the toll pass price or not. Also the day of the week is revealed. These two factors will appear just before displaying the toll prices to you.

How to work on it effectively?

Of course it’s very natural for all of us to avoid toll pass as much as possible. So here’s a real good factor that comes with this feature to you. Even if you want to know about the toll prices with or without toll prices, you can still know it. You have to simply disabling the new “see toll pass prices”.

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How can you disable this function?

Simply go to ‘route options” and then click on three dots and then finally disable “see toll prices”. Again, along with these many factors that comes along with this feature, you can also avoid all the toll pass by simply enabling the “Avoid tolls”. With this factor in this feature, you will be saved from all the toll pass routes.

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