GoogleGoogle Play rollout the new UPI Autopay payment for...

Google Play rollout the new UPI Autopay payment for subscription in India

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Google Play rollout the new UPI Autopay payment option for subscriptions. Google has now officially added the UPI Autopay option in India. A Unified Payments Interface (UPI) become the most popular mobile payment mode in India. To make purchasing apps and games much easier on Play Store Google has introduced the Unified Payments interface Autopay option.

Today I am explaining to you about New UPI Autopay payment for the subscription option. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new Autopay payment for subscription option in India.

Google Play new UPI Autopay payment for subscription

Google rolled out the UPI Autopay as a payment option on the Play store and lets users purchase subscriptions using UPI in the Country. Users can now get subscription-based purchases without any issues with the new UPI Autopay option.

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The Google Play Store app now has the Pay with UPI option and users have to select the Pay with UPI option once they select a subscription plan using the Google Play Billing to use supported UPI apps like Google Pay, Paytm, and more for recurring payments.

The new UPI Autopay lets people make payments for their bills, recharges, subscriptions, and more of up to Rs 2000. The UPI Autopay allows people to make payments of up to Rs 2000 without the need to manually make payments. People have to enter their UPI PIN to complete the payment process if the payment amount exceeds the Rs 2000 limit.

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