WhatsApp New Text Status with Disappearing
WhatsApp New Text Status with Disappearing

A lot of information has leaked regarding the features of WhatsApp. The messaging app that is Meta-owned is working on many features right now. There are some insights that has leaked. It says that the upcoming features will allow it’s users to export their WhatsApp chat backups from Google drive. So, what’s about this WhatsApp feature?

Right now, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow users to export their chat backups from Google Drive to their device’s local storage. Currently there are several trials and work going on for this feature. The release date is still not known for it.


WhatsApp new export chat backups from Google Drive feature

This report is shared by WABetainfo with a screenshot of the feature. You can clearly note that there’s a different feature added at the bottom of the WhatsApp settings – backup chat – export backup. With a future update, customers will be able to transfer their backups to Google Drive. In the backup, it contains videos, images, documents in and also you entire chat history.

WABetainfo also added, “The backup will contain all of your conversations, photos, videos, and other media items from the chat. In addition to this, WhatsApp is going to develop a feature that would allow users to re-import the same backup from Google Drive. Users will have more control over their Google Drive backups in the future. Thanks to this feature.”

How the data is backed up by WhatsApp?

As mentioned before, WhatsApp backs up everything from your chat history to documents. So for that you need to go to the settings and chats section. After that, you can backup your chats to Google Drive by going to Chat Backup and clicking on Backup to Google Drive. Later after this step, you will see four options namely – daily, weekly, monthly, and manually and you need to choose one of those according to your convenience and need.

Additional features

In addition to this, some of you must also get a good news as there’s also one feature that WhatsApp is working on. It is working on the business accounts so that it can create a new order while having a conversation.

On addition to this, the app has already started its testing the ability of its business users who are using the WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and Desktop. If there are some linked devices to the same account, they can now see new information about their outgoing messages.

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