PUBG Mobile India and other updates
PUBG Mobile India and other updates

PUBG Mobile was one of the popular mobile games. The government of India has banned the PUBG Mobile game in India 2 months ago. After the ban, PUBG tried to come back to India. Indian PUBG players are waiting for the PUBG deadly. When will the PUBG Mobile come back?

PUBG Corporation said that they will come back to India with secure and very healthy gameplay. Today I am explaining to you about the PUBG Mobile India game launch, expected feature, and other updates. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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PUBG Mobile India launch date, expected feature, and other updates.

The PUBG Mobile India will be launch on both Android and IOS, some report claim. The game will be coming soon in India. You can download the game from the Google Play Store and Apple Store once the game will launch. Also, Android users will be able to download the PUBG Mobile India APK file from the Company’s Official website. There is no official announcement about the PUBG is re-launching.

PUBG Mobile India characters will fully dress. It is totally different from the regular version. The avatars of the regular version are half-naked. You must be purchasing the attire in the game. The game will be installed in a virtual simulation training ground. This virtual simulation is familiar to Indian users.

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The rhetoric of PUBG Mobile has a bad effect on teenagers of India and the simultaneous ban does a lot, apart from the government of India. The general perception of PUBG Mobile as a violent game that goes against some Cultural Practices is something that PUBG Corporation is addressing head-on. It changes the hit and damage effect color.

The PUBG Corporation has registered in India “PUBG India Pvt Ltd. The registered office is in Bengaluru. The Company was incorporated with the paid-up capital of Rs5 lakh and authorized capital of Rs15 lakh as a subsidiary of a foreign company in Karnataka on 21 November 2020.

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