TelegramTelegram rollout the new Chat Themes, Interactive Emoji, Read...

Telegram rollout the new Chat Themes, Interactive Emoji, Read Receipts in Group and Live Stream Recording

You can now record the Live Stream and Video chat then public that recording later on Telegram. It also rollout the chat themes and interactive emoji.

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Telegram rollout the new Chat Themes. You must be using Telegram to stay connected with your friends, contacts, and others. It is one of the most popular cloud-based instant messaging apps. It always rolled out the amazing feature for users.

Recently it has rolled out the video call with 1000 users simultaneously feature. Now it rollout the Interactive emoji and other features. Today I am explaining to you about Telegram’s new Read Receipts in Group and other features. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Telegram rollout new Chat Themes

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It has rolled the 8 new chat themes for the individual chats. You can set these themes to your specific private chats. When you set the new themes then you and your chat partner can set the theme for both sides. This will help you to easily identify your specific private chat.

You can set the different-different chat theme for your every chat or contact. You will see the Colorful gradient message bubble, awesome animated backgrounds, and unique background patterns in each new chat theme. Each new chat theme also comes with the day and night version for users.

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Interactive Emoji

Telegram has introduced the new interactive Emoji to share your emotions in real-time. You can send the interactive emoji to any private chat and tap on that animated emoji to see the fullscreen effect. As per the Telegram blog post, “if you and your chat partner both have the chat open then animations and vibrations play simultaneously on your devices, so you feel close even when you’re far apart.”

Read Receipts in Small Groups

When any Group member send the messages in the Grop and other participant read the messages then they “marked as read” soon. But after introducing the new Read Receipts feature now you can select your sent messages to see which group members have read your messages.

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Telegram said in their blog post, “To protect users’ privacy read receipts in groups are only stored for 7 days after the message was sent. It is not Telegram’s business to keep a record of everything you’ve ever seen”.

Live Streams and Video Chats Record

Telegram hosts millions of communities that can create live events. They can create a live event for unlimited viewers. Now You can record the live streams and video chats and public those recording later for those users or viewers who missed the live streams and video chats.

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Admin can start the recording from the Live Stream or Video Chats menu to record and public them later. He can also select the options to record Video and Audio or only Audio. Admin has to select the video file orientation Portrait or Landscape to record the video. The recorded video file will be uploaded instantly to the Saved Messages once you finish the recording live event. Now users can view the video later.

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