NewsEverything you need to know about Snapchat plus +,...

Everything you need to know about Snapchat plus +, its subscription feature

Snapchat offers many exclusive features to its users with the new Subscription feature Plus. Snapchat introduces new subscription feature.

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Snapchat made a bid to boost its revenue just like WhatsApp business and Telegram. Snapchat + gives a vibe like an ephemeral messaging App. Its subscription allows to use all the special features along with new features.

What is Snapchat Plus a Subscription feature?

In the messaging App, Snapchat Plus, a premium version of Snapchat, gives an access to many special features like all the collection of exclusive, pre-release features, and experimental features as well.

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Along with this, it also offers some of the special perks that includes pinning a friend as a BFF, story re-watch count, an exclusive batch, and so much more. But, along with this perks, Snapchat has a big letdown which includes advertising. The company worked on offering more but not on removing ads even after taking a subscription.

Recently, Snapchat is not just one app that is offering the subscription plans with interesting features. There are many in the list. Over the past few months, Popular messaging Apps including Telegram and WhatsApp has also introduced their premium versions. These are WhatsApp premium and Telegram Premium.

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Here are some Snapchat+ features –

  • Pinning your friend
  • Snapchat + badge
  • Story re-watch count
  • Ghost trails
  • Exclusive Snapchat icons

Pinning your friend

Snapchat plus a subscription feature made an attempt to help you in many ways to pin a friend. You can pin your friend on the top of the window as your #1 BFF. However, it looks like this feature will reduce your effort to pin your friend. It seems like you don’t have to be a friend with a particular person to get pinned.

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In a recent article of Snapchat emoji explainer, there was a lot revealed. It says, of you and your friend maintained to be on the top friends then you get a red heart. However, you need to be at top for two weeks. This red heart will appear next to your friends name in the chats. As a result, they become your BFF on Snapchat.

Snapchat + badge

Just next to your Snapchat plus username, Snapchat is providing a Snapchat plus batch. This batch appears like a star. This indication makes you recognized as a subscriber.

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Story re-watch count

This is a new feature which was in need for many users. Now Snapchat plus is providing this new feature where you can see the number of times your friends have re watched your story. Although, this new feature could also expand the other users in new future.

Along with this, the official’s are also saying that this feature is experimental for a moment. As mentioned before, this feature is experimental for now. Later on, the company is planning to release the feature for other users as well.

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Ghost trails

For the past 24 hours you can check the location history of your friends. this feature is called ghost trials on snap maps which is made possible for Snapchat plus.
However, this feature will work only when your friend is sharing the location with you.

Exclusive Snapchat icons

There are custom icons on Snapchat plus subscription. There are some recent tweets by Alessandro Paluzzi. It says, you get more than 30 icons to choose. However, company is working on making some more icons for Snapchat plus users.

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