Truecaller Call Recording and Transcription
Truecaller Call Recording and Transcription

Truecaller, the Swedish caller ID app and junk mail blocking carrier, has now rolled out AI-based call recording and transcription features for India, its biggest marketplace with over 220 million customers. This represents a prime growth of Truecaller’s service, which in the past simply comprised caller ID and spam blocking. The feature is now available for both Android & IOS operating software.

The release comes after Truecaller received a spherical of strategic funding totaling $37 million from Google and Sequoia Capital India in October 2022. This capital has allowed Truecaller to enhance its development in Bangalore and swiftly broaden new offerings for the Indian marketplace.


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Truecaller Call Recording Feature

One of the most requested functions from Truecaller’s Indian consumer base has been call recording when a caller is calling. Users have always desired an easy way to save recordings of essential phone calls and refer to them later, whether they were interviews, customer service calls, or conversations with buddies and family. This also helps them record spam & threat calls, preventing them from dreaded situations.

Truecaller’s call recording function permits customers to report any telephone call with one tap. The recordings are saved securely within the cloud in preference to the consumer’s device, allowing them to get access to the recordings from any device.

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To enable call recording, customers switch the phone settings to Truecaller’s app settings. Then, every time they make or receive a telephone number, a recording icon will appear, swipe the icon and begin recording. Recordings may be paused, stopped, and resumed throughout the call.

After the call ends, users can listen to recordings immediately in the Truecaller app. They can also share recordings through messaging apps or email. For privacy motives, Truecaller notifies both events each time call recording is enabled on a name.

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Truecaller Call Transcription Feature

In addition to call recording, Truecaller has introduced AI-powered call transcription. When enabled, this feature will robotically transcribe spoken communication at some point during cellphone calls into textual content.

Transcriptions appear in real-time as the decision progresses, permitting customers to read along or skim the communication. After the call, the overall transcription is saved inside the Truecaller app for future reference.

The transcription characteristic uses advanced speech recognition algorithms optimized for Indian accents and languages. It can transcribe calls in 12 Indian languages, consisting of Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, and others.

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Truecaller says call transcription accuracy will improve over time as its speech popularity engines analyze extra facts. Users can also report any transcription mistakes they come across to further refine accuracy.

Benefits for Users

Call recording and transcription deliver numerous benefits to Truecaller’s customers in India. First, it offers them a handy way to save essential conversations and refer them later.

Whether they need to keep in mind the advice from a doctor, verify information from a business name, or cherish memories with buddies, name recordings allow users to revisit conversations word-for-word.

Transcriptions make recordings even more beneficial by permitting textual content. Users can search for keywords and quickly soar to relevant parts of a name recording. The textual content transcripts also combine seamlessly with different apps for copying or sharing.

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For professionals, including reporters, legal professionals, and contractors, call recording and transcription afford useful documentation of their conversations. Transcripts may be edited and exported as notes or used as proof.

Parents can use call recordings to reveal conversations between their children and unknown numbers. The recordings give them peace of mind and help them in case of cyberbullying or other similar troubles.

Finally, recordings and transcriptions provide beneficial context in cases of misunderstandings and disputes. Having a genuine record of what was stated can eliminate confusion or he-said-she-stated arguments.

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Privacy Protections

With call-recording competencies additionally comes a chief obligation to protect consumer privacy. Truecaller has carried out strict privacy controls and guidelines around its recording capabilities with privacy as the top priority.

To start with, Truecaller in no way begins recording or transcribing automatically. The person must manually prompt to start recording whenever they need to record a conversation.

Recordings are cease-to-stop after the call and can only be accessed through the Truecaller app when the person’s account is logged in. The encryption keys are saved locally on the consumer’s device.

Users have full ownership and control over their recordings. They can delete them at any time, and no one else has access to them. Truecaller’s privacy coverage states that it’s going to in no way share name recordings with any agencies or authorities until legally forced.

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Future Outlook

Truecaller’s expansion into call recording and transcription represents a great step in its transition from a caller ID app into a complete communication platform. With those features, Truecaller’s app becomes much more beneficial and worthy” for Indian users.

Recording and transcription also open up new sales streams for Truecaller. Additional top-rated paid plans that offer more features like sharing and transcription in multiple languages can be extra sources of income.

Truecaller’s rollout of call recording and transcription features eventually gives its Indian users the boost they’ve long asked for. These functions provide power but also come with massive privacy obligations that Truecaller is devoted to upholding.

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