Microsoft AI-based echo cancellation
Microsoft AI-based echo cancellation

Microsoft teams is now getting upgraded and updated as the company has decided to improve its audio and video quality to get better experience for its users by introducing the AI-based echo cancellation. By the usage of AI, the services of calls and its quality is said to be improved.

Main highlights

  • Improvements in call quality.
  • Video and audio quality enhancement
  • Options to adjust brightness and adding features like softness.
  • Finally announcement of de-reverberation and echo cancellation.

About the Microsoft teams announcement

A Microsoft team is a business communication platform that is now said to include AI-based technologies for further improvements in video and audio quality. Recently, there was an announcement made by Microsoft that sole focused on user experience while using the service.


It announced several new features. If you see closely, you’ll notice that the platform was already using AI-based features. But recently it has announced to add few more like de-reverberation and echo cancellation.

Official statements

Nicole Herskowitz said in an official statement that, “Disruptive echo effects, poor room acoustics, and choppy video are just a few of the main factors that can constantly make online calls and meetings less productive. It also hinder it’s effectiveness.”

“We’ve identified and are now delivering innovative enhancements in Microsoft Teams that improve such audio and video challenges in ways that are both user-friendly and scalable across environments, thanks to AI and machine learning, which have become critical to our strategy for continuous improvement, said on Microsoft blogpost.”

What is Microsoft AI-based echo cancellation?

Echo cancellation mainly solves a frequent problem in which sound loops between your PC’s input and output devices, causing an echo effect as the sound repeats over and over. So with the help of artificial intelligence, Teams can be able to cancel or eliminate the echo sound without disturbing your original voice.

So if you are thinking how will this work and what if instead of echo sound, it cancels your own voice? Well, with the help of AI, it is very easy to detect the sound produced by the speaker and your original voice. So you can definitely be carefree while using Microsoft teams services.

What is de-reverberation?

This is very common issue that your voice becomes shallow mainly when you are away from your microphone because of the acoustics in your room. So to tackle this issue, de-reverberation feature is introduced to Microsoft teams. By using a machine learning model, this problem is tackled as it captures the audio as if you are in a close range of microphone and makes it clear.

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