New iPad Pro with M2 Chip
New iPad Pro with M2 Chip

In this recent WWDC event organized by Apple, some of the gossip about new launches turned out to be true. Apple launched the most anticipated next-gen M2 chip at the event. That was the primary launch of the whole event.

According to some the legitimate reports, Apple is planning their new iPad Pro launch with their new next-gen M2 chip this year. This brand new M2 chip is currently powering the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro of 2022. Let’s dive into the details of this M2 iPad Pro launch.


Reported M2 iPad Pro Launch Time

There are a lot of guesses and speculations about the new iPad Pro launch by Apple. There are no such genuine words from Apple about this much-awaited launch. According to some widespread reports, Apple is thinking of launching their new iPad Pro model line-up within this year’s last half.

The expected time of the launch could be the month of September or October of this year. It is also in the news that the most popular iPhone line-up is also launching at that point of the year. Considering that, the M2 iPad Pro launch will clash with the launch of the iPhone 14 series.

New iPad Pro Specifications

It is expected that the new iPad Pro will be launched with a box of great specifications. The most exciting among those specifications is it will come with the new variant powerful next-gen M2 chip. The addition of the M2 chip will enhance the performance of the GPU by 35%. Moreover, it will have the CPU improved by almost 18%.

The new iPad Pro is believed to launch with the wireless charging feature. It is likely to come with a display screen of 11 inch, 12.9 inch, and a 14.1 inch is also expected. There may be a bezel-less screen in the 12.9 inch variant.

Speculated Future Plans of Apple

All these speculations are coming from some strong reports around the market. There is no confirmed news from Apple itself. But considering the previous speculations and guesses about Apple launches in the past, there is a chance of new iPad Pro launch with an M2 chip.

Apple is reportedly planning to launch the new 12 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. Apple has reportedly plans of launching new devices and updates continuously up to this year and extended to 2023.

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