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What is Telegram Premium Entirety? You Need to know about the service and subscription




Telegram has turned into a premium subscription service for a short time. Now the new services will help to monetize the platform and has arrived at the final round of preparations to properly launch the subscription service.

The beta version of this app will start showing all the details to their users. Here we are going to tell you about all the details and features which are coming in the telegram premium along with the cost of the subscription service.

New Telegram premium subscription

Even the gigantic messaging service has not started rolling out its premium subscription. At the time of writing this article, Telegram Premium is fractionally the latest beta. In the coming days telegram will launch the subscription as the resources said right. In the starting premium of telegram it will change and increase the uploading size of the file.


The subscription of telegram will upload with the size of 4GB. The non premium subscription user can use 2GB to upload the file size. This upcoming feature recently recognized its way to WhatsApp as well. When you are sharing large files with your loved ones, you will find this feature fascinating. With these features you will get the fastest speed when you are downloading something.

In the next step telegram will notify you that it is increasing the overall download speeds for subscribers. Premium users will not get any speed limits while downloading media documents. The regular user will get the max speed for Telegram downloads. It didn’t say anything that you will need a fast internet connection to make the speed high if you are using the premium version of Telegram.

Voice-to-Text Conversation

This latest feature removes transcripts for voice messages you send and receive. These new features will help you at that time when you don’t have your earphones with you to listen to the voice message you sent.


While the exactness of the transcript will change and depend on various factors like the accent. Transcription is a good option for users. It will be tested by us first after we say how it works and the exactitude of the transcription avails itself once the subscription goes live.

Last year in November the telegram shared their plan and introduced sponsored messages. The company also promised to launch an economical subscription to incapacitate advertisement. These things are becoming a reality now. In the presence of these upcoming features of telegram, there will be no ads in public channels.

The accuracy of the transcript can be changed and it is based on numerous factors including the accent. It looks like an awesome option for Telegram users. First we check the accuracy of the transcription once the subscription goes live.


No Advertisement

In this new subscription there is no sponsored advertisement. In November last year,
Telegram will share the plans through the sponsored messages. The company has promised to launch a competitive subscription to impair advertisements. The premium subscribers will not see any advertisement in public channels.

Premium Stickers

The new premium section of telegram comes with restrictive stickers. Compared to stickers that are already presented now, these stickers will have additional possessions. Furthermore, Telegram has promised to share updated stickers on a monthly basis.

Progressive Chat Management

In this chat management, Telegram users who are on various channels will benefit from a new advanced chat management feature. In this feature users will get the option to set default folders like auto -archive chat and many more. The best part of this feature is that users can hide new messages on their contact list.

Profile Symbol

Telegram also added a new feature which is named as ‘Profile Symbol’ for their subscribers. Through this, users can take a page out from singal’s playbook. The premium subscribers will post an icon symbol next to their name in the chat window and it will be conspicuous to all users.

Animated Profile Pictures

Recently Telegram is available as a free feature for everyone. This option is for setting an animated profile picture going behind a paywall. If you are unfamiliar with it then Telegram will let you know how to set a video avatars and also helps you to specify yourself better on the platform.

Premium App Icon

In this area you will see another drastic change in Telegram premium subscription. In this new option you can set a new app icon according to your choice. Also you will get many change options coming handy for users who are looking to add some private touch to their phone without depending on icon packs for customization.


Telegram premium subscription service makes messages even more secure and in this premium section users can get many benefits. These features will be released soon. The premium feature is priced around $4.99 per month as spotted in the newest beta. In India there is no news of exact pricing of telegram premium right now, that approximately translates around Rs.388 here in India.

Though we are expecting the price to decrease. The premium version is the best because it does not show you other advertisements and you can change your sticker easily in this version.

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