How to Disable HDR Video Playback on Instagram

Instagram is Down and users report getting currently logged out thousands of users. Users cannot log in to their account again after logging out with the Down.

Today I am explaining to you about Instagram’s widespread logouts. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the Users’ Instagram account logouts automatically.


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Instagram Down users report getting logged out

According to the Downdetector, the website that tracks the outages by collating status reports from several sources more than 5,000 users reported issues with accessing the photo-sharing platform in the United States at the peak of the outage.

It reports that 70 percent of users face logging issues, 19 percent of users face issues with the app and 11 percent of users are facing server connection issues.

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Earlier this month, Facebook and Instagram both faced a worldwide outage on March 5 in India and many other parts of the World as several users complained about log-in issues on both social media platforms. Some said they were getting logged out of both Facebook and Instagram.

Some users were unable to refresh their Instagram pages and asked to change their passwords. After some time, YouTube users also started facing an outage.

Users react to an Instagram outage

One of the users wrote on X, “Instagram users rushing to Twitter like: “Please entertain me, I can’t handle this downtime.”

Another user wrote, “Thought I lost my Instagram account or someone hacked it. Turned out Instagram is down. Good night…”

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“Anybody else gets randomly logged out of #instagram just now? Is #instagramdown again?”

Another user wrote, “Me finding out I wasn’t the only one that Instagram logged out “instagramdown”

Another wrote, “Thought I was being backed had me in bed like this, just Instagram down AGAIN.”

“Instagram had NO RIGHT to log me out like that .. had me staring at my phone thinking all my accounts were hacked into.” “Another user wrote.”

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