Samsung Next-Generation Image Sensors
Samsung Next-Generation Image Sensors

A new trademark covering what looks to be a future camera image sensor has been registered by Samsung, expanding its already popular Isocell line. These sensors are frequently present in popular smartphones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The trademark application, discovered by Galaxy Club, discloses Samsung’s plans for a new XISO-CELL device. The name of this product sounds remarkably similar to enhanced versions of the Isocell Plus and Isocell 2.0 family of photo sensors produced by the business.


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ISOCell the new Camera Sensor

Recent reports indicate that Samsung has submitted a trademark registration for the brand name “XISO-CELL” in South Korea, which could be the name of the upcoming smartphone camera system. The business has been producing a line of photo sensors dubbed ISOCELL for quite some time; they first appeared on the Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014.

Following that, the South Korean manufacturer of smartphones has introduced camera sensors from the ISOCELL 2.0 and ISOCELL Plus series to the most recent models.

The new Samsung XSIO-CELL gadget may very well usher in a new era of smartphone photography, however, this is merely a trademark application and not a patent. The new name and the fact that the trademark is meant to be used in conjunction with goods that fall into the same category as smartphones and cameras are the only details we currently know (among other devices).

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What is certain is that Samsung is taking action, and that action is deemed significant enough to merit a brand-new name. Even while there are signs of significant picture quality improvements, there is probably not enough time for any new XISO-CELL nomenclature to be included in the Galaxy S23 Ultra next year.

Samsung Next-Generation ‘XISOCELL’ Image Sensors

The title “XISO-CELL” denotes a considerable advancement or modification over Samsung’s Isocell technology, which has seen numerous upgrades since its introduction in 2013 but none that have been sufficiently important to justify such a radical shift in the name.

Similar to the sensor-shift image stabilization technology found in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung is rumoured to be developing it as well. According to the Cupertino, California-based iPhone manufacturer, the technique can steady an image more than 5,000 times per second.

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The rumoured sensor-shift image stabilisation technology and the purported next-generation XISOCELL image sensors have not yet been confirmed as parts of Samsung’s anticipated S23 flagship series.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra may be the first item in the new XISOCELL camera sensor series because it is said to use a 200MP image sensor. Notably, according to Galaxy Club, there have been numerous leaks about the Galaxy S23 series, but the precise camera specifications remain a mystery.

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It is believed that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S23 smartphone line in San Francisco, California, during the first week of February 2023. More camera information will be revealed through leaks in the upcoming days and weeks since there are still more than two months until the rumoured release date.

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