Samsung New Wallet App
Samsung New Wallet App

Samsung introduces its very own digital wallet app to let users store all their digital ID cards, boarding passes, keys, and other things in a single application. Samsung is recently making some great innovations in their Galaxy ecosystem to offer immersive experiences to their customers. This new application is reportedly a great step-up for Samsung this year.

Like the Apple Wallet for iOS users, Android users will also now be able to enjoy storing their digital data and credentials in a single application with Samsung’s new Wallet. Here is all the info you need to know about the new Samsung Wallet and its features.


Features of the Samsung new Wallet app

As said by Samsung itself, this new digital wallet is the new platform that offers the users a great opportunity to organize all their digital IDs, boarding passes, keys, and more in a secure and simple application. The new Samsung Wallet is secured and protected by the in-house security system called Knox.

This sensitive defense-grade security system protects the system of the Samsung Wallet from hacking in digital and physical ways. The Samsung Wallet also provides a section called Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

This enables the users to store their cryptocurrencies in a secured way. Besides, Samsung offers an isolated system element for all the highly secured items or documents. With the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, users can keep track of their investments in the cryptocurrency market.

Additional Features

Samsung has filled their Wallet application with some great additional features that help the users to level up their security a bit further. It also will support the users to store official Identity proofs like student IDs, Driving Licence IDs eventually.

The section of Samsung Blockchain Wallet, lets the users monitor the portfolios of their digital assets and check the market values of all the cryptocurrencies they have invested in through multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. The Wallet supports Galaxy Smart Things. This enables Samsung users to connect and store various digital keys for home security appliances.

The most unique and innovative part of the application is that it is reportedly designed to support digital automobile keys of some selected car brands like Hyundai, Genesis, and BMW. So the users who have these selected cars can lock and unlock their cars easily and securely with the help of the new Samsung Wallet application and Galaxy devices.

Current Availability

The Samsung Wallet is only available in some selected countries namely, the UK, Spain, Italy, France, the US, and Germany. Soon it will be available in the rest of the countries across the world.

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