11 best features on Signal app
11 best features on Signal app

The signal is one of the most popular and best WhatsApp alternative messaging apps. You must be using the Signal app after the WhatsApp new privacy policy update for security purposes. You can use the 11 secret features of signal apps to get more security. Today I am explaining to you about 11 secret features of Signal apps. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

  • Register signal with the virtual number

Signal messenger app needs registration to use this messenger app. But this messenger app doesn’t link your phone number to create your digital profile. Also, this doesn’t track your phone contacts list. For more security, you can use the virtual number for registration. You have to enable the PIN to control your account after registering your account with the virtual number.

  • Don’t use the display picture and real name

You can also don’t set your profile picture and real name for your profile while you are signing on to the Signal app. When you use the virtual number then your real number is secure. Also if you use don’t use your real display picture and name then you will get the utmost privacy.

  • Disable Read receipt and enable the always relay calls option

If you don’t want to reveal your IP address and secure your privacy then disable the Read receipts option. When you turn off the read receipts option then it will delete your unwanted metadata information. Enable the Always Relay Calls option to prevent revealing your IP address to your contact after turning the Read receipts.

  • Enable Pin and registration lock

You know that your account is linked with a PIN on the Signal app. The PIN connected with your account is making the difficult to track the users. You can Enable the Registration Lock for more security. When you enable this feature then it will prevent unauthorized access to your account from a different device.

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  • Disable the use system contact photos option

When you disable the system contact photos then it won’t show you contact book pictures on the Signal app. If you don’t want to show your contact book picture then you must have to disable this option. You can disable it from the appearance settings.

  • Disable show calls in the recent option

If you don’t want to show your voice call and voice call history on the recent option then you have to disable show calls in the recent option feature. This feature is for iOS users.

  • Enable disappearing messages to a minimum of 5 seconds

Enable the disappearing message to delete your messages automatically. You can set the disappearing messages minimum of 5 seconds. It will delete your sent messages after 5 seconds. When the first party has enabled this then the other is forced to enable it. WhatsApp has a similar feature but it will delete after 7 days.

  • Set screen timeout to 1 minute

You can set the screen timeout to a minimum of 1 minute to prevent unauthorized access to your account. When you set the 1-minute screen timeout then your Signal messaging app lock after the 1 minute and unauthorize person doesn’t use your account.

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  • Disable allow from anyone option

If an unknown contacting you on the Signal app and you want to prevent the unknown users to contact you then you have to disable the allow from anyone option. Once you disable this option then the unknown users won’t contact you on the signal app. This feature is under the privacy settings.

  • Disable Debug Log

If you want to get more privacy then Disable the Debug log option. You will get this feature on the Advanced settings.

  • Verify the safety number of each contact

When you start the conversation with any contact verifies first each number. It will provide you with more security.

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