Samsung Galaxy Fit 3
Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

The Galaxy Fit 3 is said to be launching either this year or early next year, according to information posted on the Korean branch of Samsung community forum. A successor to Galaxy Fit 2 which was released nearly 2 years ago, is being developed.

In short, after its Galaxy Fit 2 fitness band launched in 2020, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fit 3, an update to its fitness band lineup.


About Galaxy Fit 3 launch

The launch date isn’t fixed yet. It’s still unknown but a tough idea regarding It’s release is already mentioned above. In the near future, Samsung will undoubtedly release an activity band for around KRW 49000-50000 (roughly 2990). However, in India, Galaxy Fit 2 was released with a price of Rs 3999.

No further details have been released so far about the upcoming band. If the delay is confirmed, the Galaxy S23 series might be released at the same time. There’s no doubt that Fitbit, Xiaomi, Huawei, Garmin and Redmi smart bands will all pose significant competition to the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3.

What can you expect from the watch?

With a very less information being released, it’s a bit tricky to answer this. However you can expect nothing less than a bigger AMoled display and a band being water resistant. Along with this, it comes with a bigger battery with a stylish look.

Additionally, the ability to track your sleeping hours and schedule, physical activity and so much more can also be noted in it. You can also expect some features that were already on Galaxy Fit 2like managing stress levels, reminder to wash hands, and even more.

In addition to these features, it may have a heart rate sensor, a SpO2 monitor, and a greater variety of watch faces and fitness modes, for example, to compete against the likes of the Mi Band 7.

Lastly, we’d say that saying anything about Galaxy Fit 3 can be tricky. But still these are some common features that most of the companies are developing, working, and bringing up in their band. So Samsung can also bring something in the competition.
Moreover, to get more information, it is highly expected from Samsung to reveal something about the Galaxy Fit 3 already.

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