Reduce Free Fire lag
Reduce Free Fire lag

You must be playing the Free fire mobile game on your phone. Free fire is one of the most popular mobile online games. When you play the game at that time the Free fire starts lagging, Auto Back, Crash, Black screen, issues on Play squad smoothly, etc.

You must want to fix the Free fire lagging and other problems with your games. Today I am explaining to you the 5 ways to reduce your Free Fire lag. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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1. Close the background running application

You must have to close or clear the application which is running in the background before playing the Free Fire game. Background running application taking your phone RAM more and the game doesn’t the require RAM to run then it start lagging. When you close the background application then it doesn’t take up the phone RAM and your game won’t be lag.

2. Set the Game Graphics to lower

The new smartphone is equipped with the new and latest technology but the old smartphone is not. If you are playing the Free Fire game is an old smartphone then you must have to set your game graphics to smooth. You can now play the game on High FPS once you set your game graphics to smooth.

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3. Use the GameBooster app

GameBooster is one of the best apps that optimizes your phone and helps you to play games without lag. This app clears the RAM usages when you open the game and reduce your Free Fire lag. Now you can play the Free Fire game without facing the lag problem.

4. Disable or turn off Battery Saver or power mode

The Power mode or Battery saver consumption the low power of your phone battery. You can use your phone when you enable the battery save mode. But when you turn on the saver mode then your phone processor runs at low speed and your game start lagging. So, you have to turn off the battery saving mode then it will fix the free fire lag fix while you are playing the game.

5. Free up your internal memory storage

You have to delete all the unnecessary files, photos, audio, videos, application, etc from your phone’s internal storage. It will boost your Free Fire game and reduce lag when you keep your storage clear.

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