How to Delete Comments on Instagram
How to Delete Comments on Instagram

Searching for any users on Instagram is really very easy. You have to go to the explore tab on Instagram then tap on the search box and enter the username whose profile you want to visit. Tap on the user profile and see their videos, reels, or photos.

But if you don’t have an Instagram account then also you can easily search and visit someone’s account. Today I am explaining to you about See Instagram’s other users’ accounts without having an account. You have to read this post till the end to know more about how to see another user’s Instagram account.


How to view Instagram without having an account?

You can see anyone’s account without having an Instagram account yourself using two methods. You can see anyone’s Instagram account via their username and via a third-party site.

  • See Instagram account with a username

If you want to see someone’s profile but you don’t have an Instagram account then you can see their profile using another person’s Instagram username. You have to go to Google and search for the other person’s Username (URL) Uniform Resource Locator.

You have to search for another person’s username URL like this When you see someone’s profile on Instagram then the URL would look like this Tap on any video, reel, or photo and see that user’s content.

  • View Instagram account via a third-party site

You have to visit the third-party site to see another person’s Instagram account. Visit Imginn one of the best sites to see another person’s Instagram accounts.

Enter the username in the search box and search to see their profile. You will see a list of accounts related to your search username. Tap on the first profile to see the person profile whom you want to see. Sometimes that person’s account appears in the second or third place to check the user properly.

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