TelegramTelegram rollout the Widgets and QR codes to join...

Telegram rollout the Widgets and QR codes to join groups on Beta version.

Use the QR code to invite users to join the Telegram Groups easily and also report spam and other types of content with reporting features.

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You must be using Telegram, it is the most popular social media app. You must be chatting with your friends, contacts, and others on Telegram. Chatting with friends is really very interesting and fun. Telegram roll out the new QR codes feature to join the groups.

It has also rollout the Widgets option and reporting feature to report any types of spam content. Today I am explaining to you about the Telegram new QR codes, Widgets, and content reporting feature. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Telegram New QR Codes, Widgets and content reporting feature

All these features rollout on the beta version 7.5. If you have the latest version then you must be getting these features. The QR codes feature helps you to get more members. You can invite users via QR code to join the Group.

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It has rollout the Widgets in two sizes 2×2 and 5×2. The small 2×2 size is for up to four thumbnails with unread markers. The bigger 5×2 size shows you a short preview of your channels and chats.

The content reporting feature is one the best feature that allows users to report messages or contents. If you find any spam and other types of misleading content then you can easily report those using this feature on Telegram. You can also report multiple posts at once.

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