How to Save the Mobile Battery, Boost Charging and System Junk Cleaner.


You all are using the android phone but the common problem with the android phone is, how to save the mobile battery. All of you want to saver the phone battery and want to use more and more. But, it didn’t happen exactly the same. you will use so many different types of application to save your battery, boost your charging speed and system junk cleaning.But you never got the such application for your android phone. So, I am explaining you a such application which help you to save your battery, boost your charging speed and clean the system junk.

Read the post till the end to know more about the application and how it work with your phone.

GO Battery Pro – Battery Saver


Save the mobile battery
Save the mobile battery

GO battery Pro is such types of application which help you to save mobile battery, boost the charging speed, clean the system junk and so many thing.

Main features of this application.

  • Power Saver & Monitor- It monitors all the apps that drain power while it is not in work. It remain the user about those app which consumption high power. Easy to find the power consumption apps.
  • Charging Booster- It helps to boost charging for three stage Speed, Continuous and Trickle. It ensure you don’t overcharging your phone.
  • Intelligent power saver mode- It help you with the three battery saver mode to help to choose the best one for any situation. It switch the battery saver mode by the battery power, time etc.

How can you use the GO Battery Pro – Battery Saver.


First of all you have to download the application. Now how can you download this app.

Step1: Go to the end of this post, where you will find the download button.

Step2: Press the download button to download this app and install in your app.

Step3: Open the app after the installing of the application.

Step4: Gives all the permission of the app.

Step5: Click on the optimize button to optimize you phone battery.

Step6: Click on the junk option to clean the system junk of your phone.

Step7: Choose the mode option like General mode, Long-life Mode and My mode to save the mobile battery.

Step8: Charging mode to optimize your phone charging.

Follow these step to save your mobile battery, boost the mobile charging and clean the system junk.

Thanks for reading the post till the end.

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