Google replaces Hangouts to Chats
Google replaces Hangouts to Chats

Back in 2013, Hangouts replaced Google Chats or Google Talk. Almost a decade later, Hangouts replaced by Google Chat after its taken down by Google. Google introduced ‘Google Chat’ in February as a replacement of Hangouts app.

For its new users, Google is now all set with the platform called Google chats. This is the replacement of the older app called Hangouts. There is a prompt move to chats feature for all the people who still use Hangouts mobile app.


Hangouts replaces with Google Chats

Prompt move to chat is available for only mobile users. For all the users who have an access to hangouts on web, until July Hangouts will be usable. Currently, on a desktop site, there is no prompt move to Chat for Hangouts.

But, until November, there’s an option called “at least one month” featured by Google on the screen whenever you open Hangouts on desktop. This is a warning in advance by Google so that you can switch to Chat as soon as possible.

Users that use Hangouts on mobile and desktop will have to switch Google Chat before November as per reports. According to the recent blog released by Google, it says that Hangouts in November 2022 shuts down.

Data from Hangouts saved or deleted by Google?

While switching to Google Chat from Hangouts, you don’t have to worry about your data. You can still access your data with all information at its place. This will be automatic. But, users can also download all the Hangouts data for extra safety before the platform is down.

At first, many were assuming were Google Chat will be more or less similar to Google Chat or Google Talk but it isn’t. Although its discontinued earlier in this month. Many reports claimed that the successor of Google Chat will be Hangouts but now the scenario has totally changed.

It’s worthy to note that in 2018, company first hinted everyone with its plans to transfer users from Hangouts to Chat. In 2020, company confirmed that its free to use.

What’s new?

Google claims to release many statements of releasing new features to switch users to Chat. These features includes to create in-line threads in Spaces (the re-brand of Rooms), share and view many images, and also make direct calls. Yet, many new features will be rolling up in near future according to Google’s recent blog.

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