Twitter ad-revenue for Verified Creators
Twitter ad-revenue for Verified Creators

Twitter, also called a microblogging platform now introduces its new feature. In this, one can now share Twitter Space Clips on Android and iOS platforms. However, the new clipping tools were under test for Spaces right now. Recently, the feature was rolled out to the general public.

The company tweeted, “Testing went well. We are rolling out clipping to everyone on iOS and Android web on the way!”. Although, the feature is also said to be unavailable for Twitter web users. For this, the platform also states that making it available for web users is “on the way”.


As the feature rolls out, the users can share recorded audio with anyone. The duration will be not more than 30 seconds. However, the testing for this feature was successful. So, the feature is all set to roll out in general public settings. This technically means that you can now tweet along with the audio recordings.

Technically, its also considered that Twitter is allowed to handle its access to analytics to its hosts and co-hosts about their Spaces. In March, this feature was released to a few people for testing. Now it’s available to all the hosts and co-hosts on the platform.

Twitter also claims that this feature will ultimately make it easier for its users to participate and see the conversations. Also, Twitter also makes Spaces appear on the top of the timeline of its users. Although, not much information is available through the purple card that appears on the top of your timeline.


  • Allows to share Twitter Space
  • Share 30-second audio
  • Share highlighted part of the audio
  • Sharing can be done via iOS and Android phones as well
  • Not yet available for Twitter web users

What’s new in this Twitter new Share Space Clips feature

On Twitter, this feature enables its users to now creates 30 seconds of audio to share it with others on the platform through recorded Spaces. Along with this, this feature also allows its users to highlight a specific part of the audio without sharing the entire recorded audio. Although, it’s introduced to add more interest in their Spaces.

Last September, Twitter Spaces launched a clipping feature as a part of Clubhouse, a Social audio app. Using this feature, listeners in public rooms can share most of 30 seconds of audio with anyone.

During the time that The Bachelorette was in the spotlight, the microblogging site is also testing a new feature “custom-built timelines.” The Bachelorette customized timeline will be available online for 10 weeks to “a small group” of US and Canadian users. Along with this, the company also aims to make it easier for its users to follow the Space hosts.

After the Space ends, the users can see all the speakers and co-hosts. And also the option to follow them. Also, the microblogging platform, Twitter, working on Space recordings as well. This feature helps the hosts to share the tweets of past Spaces along with their recorded audio.

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