WhatsApp Fix Expiration bugs
WhatsApp Fix Expiration bugs

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using the WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleague, and others. But what happens if you are not able to use the WhatsApp. Something like this happened yesterday that people are not able to send messages and many things. Today I am explaining to you about the WhatsApp downtime. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

You know that last month’s WhatsApp privacy setting issue has been seen for a few days. Because of this issue, users cannot see the last seen of anyone. Also, the user is not able to see other users’ online signs.


But on Wednesday people are facing the downtime on WhatsApp globally. The issue is that users are not able to send or receive WhatsApp messages for almost an hour. After facing the problem users report the issues that they are facing the problem to send or receive the messages on Twitter. Some users started that WhatsApp has a bug.

We apologize for any issue and we quickly resolved the issue for everyone. Some users have the problem of sending messages because of an internal update on our WhatsApp server, Earlier today. After this users understand that there was not the WhatsApp bug.

WhatsApp went down around 1 am and services were restored around 3 am in India, according to the down detector. 72 percent of the WhatsApp users faced the issue with WhatsApp, 24 percent of users had a problem sending or receiving messages and 3 percent of users had the problem of logging in.

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New Delhi, New York, Egypt, Columbia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, Romania, Sri Lanka, London, Peru, Netherlands, Germany, and Brazi users are facing the WhatsApp problem, according to down detector report. But UK, US, and South America faced the maximum issues as compared to the other countries.

The number of users who were not able to log in from their Android and iOS devices was over 1.5 billion. Many users restarted the phones many times because they think it is the problem of their network. But they did get any benefits by doing this because it was the WhatsApp an internal problem.

Users are started to write on the WhatsApp twitter. More than the 76,000 thousand users wrote on Twitter.

One user wrote that WhatsApp is down even after uninstall, reinstall, and rebooting my phone.

I am coming on to Twitter to confirm if WhatsApp is truly down #WhatsApp another Twitter user wrote.

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