How to Delete Comments on Instagram
How to Delete Comments on Instagram

Instagram has rolled out a new feature to post Comments with GIFs. Users can now reply to comments on the posts with the GIFs. GIFs have become the mainstay in modern-day conversation to convey more than words, so Instagram has introduced the ability to reply with GIFs in the Comments.

Today I am explaining to you a Instagram new feature to reply to comments with GIFS. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new reply with GIFS to comments feature on Instagram.


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Instagram new post GIFs in the Comments

Instagram released a new feature that gives the ability to users to post GIFs in the Comments. According to the reports, the GIFs will be taken from the online GIF database GIPHY. Earlier this Instagram had been allowing users to post GIF stickers to their stories, however, sharing the GIF in the replies was not possible.

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But now it is possible to share the GIF in the replies on Instagram. You must be familiar with the GIF button in the text box when you reply to someone’s Instagram Story. When you tap on the GIF button then you see a few suggestions and a search bar to find the perfect GIF. Users can now reply with a GIF in the comments on Instagram.

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To reply with GIFs in comments users have to type a keyword related to the GIF in the comment section. After this tap on the GIF icon, and the GIPHY library will show the desired results. They can now choose a FIF and tap on the send option to reply with a GIF in a comment.

Currently, the new ability to post GIFs in Comments is available for some beta users. But it will soon release the new ability to post GIFs in Comments for everyone.

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