SignalSignal messenger app rollout the Custom Wallpaper and Animation...

Signal messenger app rollout the Custom Wallpaper and Animation Sticker feature

Signal messenger app rollout the Custom Wallpaper and Animated Sticker for Android and iOS version 5.3. Users can customize the Animated Stickers with the provided many options.

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The Signal is one of the most popular and best WhatsApp alternative messaging apps. It has started rolling out a similar feature to give a similar experience of WhatsApp to users. Recently it has rollout the Status update, Group calls, Group Invite link, etc features.

It has now rollout the customized feature that allows you to set the different-different wallpaper for each and every chat. It also rollout the animated sticker feature. Today I am explaining to you about the Signal app custom wallpaper animated sticker features. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Signal app custom wallpaper and animated Sticker features.

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You can set different-different types of wallpaper for every chat. It has a rollout custom wallpaper and animated sticker feature for Android and iOS version 5.3. It has already 21 pre-set wallpapers to set on your chat wallpaper. You can also set your own wallpaper for your chat. You can also set the default background for every chat.

To set the wallpaper on your chat you must have the latest version 5.3 of the Signal app. You have to open your Signal app then tap on the three dots top of the right corner. Tap on the setting option then taps on the Appearance option. After this tap on the Chat Wallpaper and select the wallpaper to set different-different wallpaper on your every chat. WhatsApp has already rollout the Custom wallpaper feature a few days ago.

It has rollout the first latest animated sticker pack Day by Day. Users can also create new animated stickers and share them with their contact on the Desktop app. It has so many options and you can use these options to customize your sticker.

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