Honk Messaging app
Honk Messaging app

Text messaging is one of the most popular ways to stay connected with friends and others on the smartphone. So many messaging apps are available for the users. WhatsApp is one of them with end-to-end encryption features. All apps are different features.

These apps have traditional or core functions sending text messages is remains the same. But there is a new Messaging app named Hong that is ready to change the traditional way of communication. Today I am explaining to you about the Honk New unique Messaging app and its unique feature. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Honk Real-Time Conversation Messaging app.

Honk is a unique messaging app that is totally different from the traditional messaging app. This messaging app is released recently. It is currently available for iOS users. This is a real-time conversation messaging app. It doesn’t have the send button. You have to type your messages in your chat bubble. When you type the messages in the chat bubble then your friends are now able to see the messages which you typing in real-time.

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Now you can converse with your friends in real-time with the help of this messaging app. When your friends type the messages then you are able to see their typing messages. Also, you can their all typos and misspelled words in real-time. You will get the 160 letters to type your messages at a time. Once you complete your typing text and you want to type something else then tap on the double arrow refresh button.

The refresh button is available in the place of the send button. This feature is called Live Typing. You and your friends can chat in real-time with this app. If you want to talk with your friends and your friends are not present then you can tap on the Honk button in the chat window to call them. You can spam the notification using the honk button if they do not present yet.

It doesn’t save your chat history because it has the Live Typing feature. When you refresh the message to type new messages then it will be deleted and don’t save those messages for later like other messaging apps. You can also send the emoji, your picture from Gallery or Camera roll, and customize the chat them.

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