How you clear cache or exceed mobile storage size Google file app


Does your mobile full quickly? You haven’t able to store more movies and app many things? then we have a solution to your problem. In that kind of case what you will do further. You want to fix this problem then you read this article till the end not be complete. How you clear cache Google file app

Google file app

Free app more space: Just one tap you can clear the catch, and you want make shortcut as on homepage widget. Add the shortcut widget. Delete the older photo and video, remove the duplicate photos, erase the unused app from a smartphone.


Check your storage: Use the file to see how much left your storage on your phone. You can transfer the file or app into SD-card. Clear the corrupted file to make space the device.

Control the file: You can see any specific time when you delete the photo or video. Delete the photo or video that you want to choose that one. Save the file according to you.


Boost your phone performance: Use the file app to clear always and keep your phone clean, keeping your phone smooth always. Regular you clear junk file.

Find file faster: Search the file photo, video, document, and apps on your phone. File app by the google browser to find more easily. Make your short.

Share the file: you can share your photo, video, apps, and document to another who have also the google file app. Sort them by file size you can understand what taking a few spaces. It’s available on google play store free at no cost. Find the share your video share the last week.

Easily manage file: You arrange the file categories by file, document, apps, photo, and video. all things are complete within the moment.

How you clear cache use the google file app?

If you now not downloaded the google file app then scroll below till download tap. You will see there download button as a file app link you can from there easily. Enjoy the google file app. Open file app and customize your photo, video, document, and app. Clear always notifies the google app.

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