WhatsApp Fix Expiration bugs
WhatsApp Fix Expiration bugs

WhatsApp rolling out new updates focusing on fixing the expiration bugs causing login issues for beta users. The meta-owned messaging app released the Android beta version of the app which includes the bug fix, important security updates, and new features.

Today I am explaining to you the WhatsApp bug fix causing logging issues for beta users. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the updates for the expiration bug fix.


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WhatsApp update Fix expiration bugs

WhatsApp expires to ensure that users are always on the latest and updated version of the app. It brings important security updates, bug fixes, and a new feature in every update that is not available in the previous version of the app.

By expiring the old version of the app, users will have to update to a newer version app to access new features and updates that are surely more secure and up-to-date.

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Unfortunately, it seems that something has gone wrong with some recent beta versions of the app and WhatsApp has expired earlier than expected, as per the WABetaInfo report.

According to WAbetaInfo the feature tracker of WhatsApp report, “some users were unable to use the application as it has expired. This is unexpected because the application was supposed to expire in a few weeks but, due to a bug, WhatsApp stopped working after a few days from its release on the Play Store.”

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WhatsApp rolling out a new update for the Android beta on the official Website to fix the expiration bugs. Update your WhatsApp to the latest beta version for Android to use the bug-free WhatsApp version.

Certain users are also facing issues with restoring their chat history from Google Drive and local backup after installing the latest WhatsApp beta for the Android 2.23.7 version.

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