Telegram tips: to hide your phone number on the app


You must be using Telegram, it is the most popular social media app. You must be chatting with your friends, contacts, and others on Telegram. Chatting with friends on Telegram is really very interesting and fun. Your number will show to everyone when you sign in with your phone number.

You must want to hide your number on Telegram. You can easily hide your phone number on Telegram. Today I am explaining to you about Hide your phone number Telegram. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Hide your phone number on Telegram


First of all, you have to open the Telegram and tap on the three-line top of the left corner.  Tap on the settings option to go to the settings option. Tap on the Privacy and Security option. You will find the Phone Number option once you go to privacy and security. Tap on your phone number option and you will see that it is selected to the Everybody option by default.

It means that anyone can see your phone number. You can select the My Contact option if you want that only your contact persons can see your phone number. If You want that no one can see your number then select the Nobody option. You will see the extra security option that who can find me by my number once you select the Nobody option.


In the option, you will find two options Everybody and My Contacts. Select the My contacts option that only your contacts person can find you by your number. Tap on the Tick/checkmark top of the right corner to save settings once you finish your settings to hide your phone number.

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