Enable Two-step verification on Telegram
Enable Two-step verification on Telegram

You must be using Telegram, it is the most popular social media app. You must be chatting with your friends, contacts, and others on Telegram. Chatting with friends is really very interesting and fun. But it is very important to secure your account so that no one can access your account and read your chat.

You can use the two-step verification feature to enhance the security of your account and secure it. Today I am explaining to you about enabling two-step verification on Telegram. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Enable Two-step verification on Telegram

You have to open your Telegram app and tap on the three-line top of the left corner and go to the setting option. Tap on the Privacy and Security option and scroll your screen then tap on the Two-Step Verification to turn on it. Tap on the Set password option and enter the strong password then tap on the continue button.

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After this re-enter your password then tap on the continue button. You can set the password hint once you re-enter the password or skip this process. You can also enter your recovery email or skip this. Telegram will send you a code to your email if you add the recovery email. You have to enter the code to process. After this tap on the return to settings option to finish your set.

Your two-step verification will successfully enable on your account. You have to enter the OTP along with the password when you log in to your account on new devices every time. If you don’t add the recovery email then tap on the skip option and your two-step verification will enable successfully.

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