Best WhatsApp features
Best WhatsApp features

You must be using the WhatsApp. You always want so many amazing features in your WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t allow some special features in it. You always want to use Best WhatsApp extra features app. These six unique and amazing useful features help you to use some special features in it. Today I am explaining to you the Best WhatsApp extra features app which allows you to use the special features in it. Read the post till the end to know more about this WhatsApp features.

Here is the list of Six apps.

  • Chat Lock for WhatsApp.
  • Click to Chat.
  • Blank Message.
  • WhatsBox.
  • WhatSaga.
  • WA Star.

1. Chat Lock For WhatsApp.

This is one of the best apps to secure your WhatsApp Privacy. This app helps you to secure your WhatsApp chat from an unknown person.



  • Lock the WhatsApp Chat.
  • You can hide your personal Chat.
  • User-friendly interface to use.
  • Simple design.
  • Free to use.

2. Click to Chat.

Click to chat helps you to chat with your friend and anyone without saving anyone number. You know very well. When you want to chat with your friend at that time you have to save the number in your contact list. But this app helps you to chat without saving the number in your contact. It means you can directly chat with your friend and anyone.


  • Easy to create and URL link that will open WhatsApp on the specified number.
  • Also, a message that will be auto-complete.
  • WhatsApp will ask who to sent it if you specify the message but not a number.

3. Blank Message.

Blank Message is the best app to send a blank message to anyone. It allows you to send a blank message to anyone. Simply choose the a word row & column to send the message. You can also send a blank message.


  • Confuses you, friend, when you send the long blank message.
  • Easy to use this app.
  • Different types of options in this app.

4. WhatsBox.

WhatsBox is the best app which helps you to customize and manage your WhatsApp very easily. The best way to customize and manage your WhatsApp. All the tools are available to customize your WhatsApp.


  • You can set the most trending status in your WhatsApp.
  • See who viewed your profile.
  • find who is online.
  • Easy to download status.
  • Open the chat with your friend.
  • Snooze your WhatsApp.
  • Split the video to make the status.
  • Get the notification to update your WhatsApp.
  • Cleaner option to clean the WhatsApp picture, video, voice notes, and Audio.
  • Send the blank chat to anyone and may more options.
  • See who viewed your profile.

5. WhatSaga | Longer Stories | Save Status.

WhatSaga is the best app to set the long video status to your WhatsApp and other apps. It helps you to set the long video at a time. You can also download your friend WhatsApp Status on your phone.


  • Set a long video in WhatsApp Status.
  • Set the Audio WhatsApp Status.
  • Download the WhatsApp Status.
  • Change the time of split to share.
  • See only videos and only images separate.
  • Delete Recent or saved status.
  • Use the custom caption to your status.
  • The amazing theme in the app.

6. WA Star Saver.

This app has multitasking features which help you to save the image, video, and status. It also has many features like a test to emoji, bubble chat, and others.


  • Easy to save all status.
  • You can set status without save.
  • Play the videos in full screen.
  • It has a bubble chat for WhatsApp.
  • Shake your phone to open the WhatsApp.
  • Generate the blue bold text.
  • Convert the text to emoji.
  • Repeat the text.
  • Night and day mode them.
  • Direct chat.
  • Delete share repost and save.
  • Photo editor.

How can you use these apps?

First of all, you have to download the app on your mobile. Now how can you download this app on your mobile?

  • Go to the end of all app features where you will find the download button.
  • Press the download button to download this app and install it in your app.
  • After the installing of the application just open it.
  • Grant all the permission to all these apps.
  • Now you can use these apps on your phone and get the benefit of these apps.

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Thanks for reading this post till the end. I hope this post is very helpful to you.

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