How to schedule messages on Telegram
How to schedule messages on Telegram

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, recently went to the site to discuss the company’s future plans that was including the launch of Telegram Premium, a premium subscription service.

According to Durov’s statement, the premium version of the popular messaging service will launch later this month, allowing Telegram to be funded “mainly by its users, not marketers or any advertisers”


Telegram new paid plan feature, who has to pay for premium?

Telegram is a feature-rich instant messaging service, which also allows users to make voice and video conversations and exchange large files. It is said that it will remain free for most users, according to Durov, who mainly focused on the point that only power users who require more features and higher capacity will have to pay for Telegram Premium.

In a blog post Durov also stated a relieving comment saying that, “ But don’t worry: all existing features are still free, and new free additions are on the way. Even users who do not have Telegram Premium will be able to take advantage of some of its features, such as viewing extra-large documents, media, and stickers provided by Premium users, or tapping to add Premium reactions already pinned to a message to reply in the same way.”

About telegram new paid plan and premium feature

Telegram has been free for all of its users from past nine years and also it was free from 2013. Telegram was founded at 2013. However, according to Durov, expanding Telegram’s features and capabilities to all users would make the platform’s server and traffic costs “unmanageable.”

Even after the statements, this is still not clear that what additional benefits are there after subscribing to the premium version of telegram. However, Durov does mentions that premium version of telegram will allow it’s user many additional resources, features and most importantly speed.

What addition features will be added in premium version?

According to previous reports, the premium-ship of telegram would come with many exclusive animated stickers, emoji’s, and a bigger file-sharing limit. Telegram Premium users will also be among the first users to receive and use new features as they become available to the platform.

Paid members will have access to premium services such as sending extra-large documents, media, and stickers. But non-Premium users will be able to access these documents, media, and stickers if only they are uploaded or shared by a Premium user. So ultimately, you have to be a premium user to share extra large and bigger files.

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