How to share Instagram reels with Avatars
How to share Instagram reels with Avatars

You must be using the Instagram Reels to watch the short entertaining video on Instagram. Also, you must be creating the Instagram Reels to show your talent and entertain the people. Reels are the short video platform on Instagram.

You know that Instagram Reels hasn’t a separate button on Instagram. The reels option is currently available in the story tab. But Instagram is now testing the separate or dedicated button in the App for the Reels. Today I am explaining to you about the Instagram Testing Reels separate button. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Here is the full detail about the Instagram Reels Dedicated button.

Instagram is testing the new separate button for the Reels short video feature. This button is available at the bottom of the navigation bar on the app. This is the new way to access your Instagram Reels from your app.

When you click on the new Reels feature then you can directly access your Instagram Reels easily. Reels videos started playing once you access your Reels by clicking on the button. If you want to watch the more short videos clip then swipe up the videos and watch more new Reels videos.

This Reels tab give the TikTok feels to the users while they use the Instagram Reels to watch the short entertaining videos. Instagram gets the more Reels user with the help of this because people are waiting for the TikTok. This may full-fill the lack of TikTok.

This button is testing on the latest Instagram and some of the users get this button when the update their Instagram. You may get the Reels tab in your app so update your app to get this tab.

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