How to hide instagram conversation
How to hide instagram conversation

You must be using Instagram to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. Instagram is one of the most popular social media. You must be getting the messages or stories’ reactions on your Instagram.

Some of your messages are from special ones or private messages. You must want to hide your Instagram chat or conversation. Today I am explaining to you about the Instagram hide conversation. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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How can you hide your Instagram conversation or chat easily?

Instagram has not special features to hide the conversation. But here is the trick to hide your chat that nobody can see them. You have to hide or disable your notification. When you hide your notification then most of the people don’t notice your chat.

To hide the Instagram chat first of all you have to open your Instagram and go to your profile. Click on the three-line top of the right corner once you reach to your profile. Click on the setting option bottom of the page after clicking on the three lines. Tap on the Notification option once you go to the setting option.

Once you click on the Notification then you will find the Direct Messages option on the notification section. You have to click on that Direct message option and scroll the screen then you will find the Messages section.

In the Messages section you will find the three options Off, From Primary Only and From Primary and General. If you want to hide everyone’s notification then select the Off first option to hide everyone notification. The app will not send you the notification when you receive a message on Instagram whether it is main or general.

If you want to select the hide notification by category or want to receive the Primary only then select the From Primary only second option. If you want to receive the messages notification from all Primary and General then select the third option From Primary and General. The app will notify you when you receive any messages from anyone. This is the way that allows you to hide your Instagram chat or conversation.

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