Instagram Reels Record with Multiple Cuts and post it easily.

Instagram Reels Record with Multiple Cuts and make into a single video and post that videos on the Reels to entertain your Fans and Public.


You must be using the Instagram Reels to watch the short entertaining video on Instagram. Also, you must be creating the Instagram Reels to show your talent and entertain the people. Some of your videos take the more that one cuts.

You must want to create a complete video by taking more than one or two cuts for the final videos. Today I am explaining to you about the create Instagram Reels with Multiple Cuts and post those videos without using the third-party app. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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How can you record or create Instagram Reels with Multiple Cuts?

You can easily create your Instagram Reels with Multiple Cuts and post on your Reels. You have to just follow these steps to create Reels.


Instagram reels multiple cuts
Instagram reels multiple cuts

First of all, you have to open your Instagram and Swipe right to go the Camera Mode to record Reels once you open Instagram.

You have to simply select the Reels option once you open your camera mode on Instagram. After this, you have to click on the Timer icon left side after the Emoji icon.

You have to set the timer for 5 seconds or you can set it according to you for your first short video clip. Record your Reels video once you set the timer for 5 seconds or according to you.

Again click on the Timer icon once you complete your first clip shooting and set the Timer for the second or next clip according to you or four 5 seconds.

Instagram will make those videos into the complete videos with a different cut after completing your Reels recording. You can post those videos once it makes your complete videos.

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