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You know WhatsApp and Facebook both are linked to each other. So, now you can share a new Facebook avatar as a sticker in your WhatsApp conversation. You must be sending the sticker to your friends on WhatsApp. Also, you must be sending the avatar to your friends on Facebook.

When you share the Facebook avatar on WhatsApp to your friends how cool and unique its looking you can’t imagine it. So, Today I am explaining to you about the sending avatar as WhatsApp stickers. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


Use the custom Facebook avatar is one of the latest trends on social media. You and your friends must be created these avatars. You and your friends created the avatar as you can create the avatars. Also, share these avatars on Facebook but you can also share this on your WhatsApp as a sticker. Before sharing the avatar on WhatsApp as the stickers you have to create the avatar first.

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How can you create a Facebook avatar?

If you want to share the avatar then you have to create the avatar then you can share it to your friends on Whatsapp as a sticker. Design the avatar is very easy.

  • You have to open the Facebook on your phone using the Facebook app.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines top of the right corner.
  • Scroll the option and click on the see more option then choose the Avatar.
  • After choosing the Avatar you have to choose your facial and physical features like hairstyle, eyebrow style, hair color, cloth, etc. Now click on the done button top of the right corner and your avatar is ready and you can use the avatar.

How can you use the avatar on WhatsApp as a sticker?

If you don’t create the avatar still then first of all you have to create the avatar. If you already created the avatar then follow these steps to share on WhatsApp.

  • Open your Facebook and click on the three horizontal lines top of the right side corner.
  • Click on the see more option the select the avatar. When you open the avatar option then you will find all the sticker options. When you design the avatar at that time these stickers were created.
  • You have to select the stickers which you want to send on WhatsApp. A pop-up window will show once you select the stickers.
  • You have to go on the more option and choose the WhatsApp.
  • It will show the share option automatically in any conversation on WhatsApp.

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