WhatsApp Business sync Facebook
WhatsApp Business allows syncing details from Facebook page

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app. This is also the best for business because of its popularity. In 2018 when the WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business, it provides one of the best ways you to connect with your customer. Now things are getting easy for the business on the service. This is because the business person is now able to link their Facebook page of the company. To link the Facebook page of the company to the WhatsApp business to sync the information from it and also run the Facebook ads that click to the WhatsApp.

The user of the WhatsApp Business can link their Facebook page and select the details to sync like location, address, business hour, website links, and many more. To link the page you have to do this setting. Go to the business setting and after this go to the linked account. You can also select more than one category for your business. 

WhatsApp Business sync Facebook
WhatsApp Business allows syncing details from Facebook page

Go to the Business setting then after Business profile, and then edit profile then Categories. Where you can see a number of categories and also search the categories label which you want your customer sees. But one more thing you must have the latest version of both Facebook and WhatsApp app to use this feature. You cannot use this feature if you have not the latest version of both apps.

This is the best for business owners to speed up their online business workload. This connecting account feature will also allow the business to run the Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp. Facebook page and Business WhatsApp work properly and best for all the WhatsApp business users and business owners. This is because all Facebook own so this is the best way to enhance the business and more connect with the customer.

Facebook link features were roll out on the platform via update version 2.20.67 (android) and 2.20.51 (iOS)

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