FacebookWhatsApp Facebook going to merge? look at the first...

WhatsApp Facebook going to merge? look at the first tests.




WhatsApp and Facebook both are the most popular social media platform. You must be using WhatsApp and Facebook. These may be going to merge. Today I am explaining to you about the WhatsApp – Facebook merges or not. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Here is the full detail about WhatsApp Facebook Merge?

You must be knowing that Facebook bought the WhatsApp in 2014 over $22 billion. When Facebook bought the WhatsApp then everyone was clear that the investment would not be to leave the same as it were early. You also know that Facebook is not a free advertisement platform.

If Facebook is not the ads-free then how the WhatsApp will? It was definitely decided that it would be changing in this or advertising it and making it profitable on the basis. You will see some kind of changes in this.


You also know that WhatsApp allows users to video call with up to 50 participants using the Messenger rooms. After a tweet by the WABetaInfo, it is evidence which possible that Facebook WhatsApp merge.

WABetaInfo the feature tracker of WhatsApp, it found some evidence that could point to the Messenger. Messenger app is the app chosen by Facebook as such an app to integrate all the services. Messenger text strings have been found in its code that refers to the messaging application, especially to the WhatsApp.

So, the WhatsApp text chain has been detected it is associate with all kinds of functions that tell us a lot about the messaging app. Such as a list of blocked contacts, group information, user name proof of consultation, profile photo, etc.


Doing anything like this, it has only one meaning that Facebook would let us go through the official application without allowing Messenger to chat from WhatsApp contacts so that both platforms work together and be encode.

Be that as it may, it is time to prepare for great changes within the universe of Facebook apps. It is because after this spread of billions of users they have only served to avoid potential. Income for many concepts. And when you talk about those things, everything else comes in the background.

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